$50.00 Friend Nomination Form

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who can be a $50 Friend? Anyone!

What do I need to do to nominate someone to be a $50 Friend? Simply fill out the form below and tell us why you think your nominee deserves to be a $50 Friend.

May I nominate someone more than once? Yes, but multiple nominations do not increase the probability of selection.

May I nominate more than one person? Yes.

May I nominate myself? No. Someone else must nominate you to be a $50 Friend.

How often will you select someone to be a $50 Friend? One person will be selected each Monday.

Can a person be a $50 Friend more than once? Our goal is to bless as many people as we can, so while it is not likely that the same person will be selected more than once, it is possible.

How will I know if I’m the $50 Friend of the Day? Winners will be announced weekly on our Twitter & Facebook Pages, Monday mornings. In addition, every $50 Friend recipient will be contacted by our staff, who will inform them that they’ve been selected, and when and where to pick up their prize.

If I win, will I be able to share my excitement and thankfulness for the kind gift? Absolutely! Our media team, with your consent, will capture you in picture or video expressing your gratitude for your $50 Friend gift. While this is not required, sharing your thankfulness via photo or video will allow others to see firsthand the valuable impact of giving.



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