Couples Ministry
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What do you do when the honeymoon’s over? The Couple’s Ministry is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship as a couple.

Through mentoring between couples, small groups, marriage conferences and more experiences, you and your spouse will strengthen your marriage in key areas like communication, finances, parenting, conflict management, intimacy, etc.

This ministry provides manyopportunities for you, and your spouse, to learn more about marriage and how to better yourselves on several levels.

The Couple’s Ministry focuses on the following key areas:

  1. Communication-Men and women think and act differently. That is a fact of life. Learn to come together on the same page and improve your listening and talking.
  2. Conflict Resolution-Find yourself going to bed angry or having fights that last for days? Do you always say the wrong thing at the wrong time? The Bible offers practical wisdom for resolving conflict.
  3. Finances The number one killer of marriage is financial troubles and disagreements. Learn biblical, life-changing, principals to help strengthen your finances and marriage.
  4. Parenting- Learn how to build your family around each other and modern parenting strategies.
  5. Intimacy- God created sexual intimacy for marriage. It’s okay to talk about sex and ask the tough questions. Learn new and exciting ways to rekindle the fire.

Free marriage resources:

To learn more about this ministry, please email us @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it