Meet Lady J
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Meet "Lady J"

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Lady Joi McMillan, affectionally known as "Lady J," stands alongside her husband in ministry, Pastor Ced, as First Lady of New Birth Community Church.

Although, a huge role with much responsibility, Lady J is leading the women of New Birth Community Church to higher heights of service and ministry to "family." Distinguished by her heart for women, respected for her wisdom, and recongnized by her loving disposition, she is called to pour into women from all walks of life. 

At New Birth, she gives leadership to the women's ministry by creating programs and outlets to celebrate feminity, and to bring health and wholeness to the female soul.

Throughout her life, she has been faced with many obstacles and she has been called to use her experience(s) to help others ovecome their own obstacles. 

As well as being well accomplished spiritually and educationally, she is an awesome wife and mother to Madison and CJ.